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Shortcutter Amphibious Vehicle by John Hinton

Shortcutter Amphibious Vehicle by John Hinton - this vehicle can move in land and water, this interesting concept starts from a lawnmower and old boat. It seems that a concept of All in one vehicle will be a trends in a next few years, there's so many great concept of An Amphibious Vehicle such as This Halo Intersceptor Car, and this Amphibious Bus.

Surely There is no death of auto nerds who, every now and then, do this thing or that to get the attention and cherish the tag of doing something that others haven’t even thought of. Here is one such man, John Hinton. He’s made ‘Shortcutter’ from a sit on lawnmower and old boat. Now you might be thinking what’s so good about this Shortcutter? Well, it could travel on road at a comparatively show speed of 6mph and then can swiftly take to the water.

Work on this four wheeled amphibious machine is still in progress and John hopes that its future models can revolutionize the way we commute. Theoretically go anywhere vehicle is as good as a normal car and can be used for shopping or to go to office. John is in touch with Honda to mass produce the amphibious vehicle and according to him ‘it’s about time the car and marine industries combined’. This vehicle came into being after John put two years of herculean effort and about £1,000 in making the prototype. Hope to see it rolling and taking to the water soon. Here's more pictures of this Shortcutter Amphibious Vehicle by John Hinton

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