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Trisha denies to act as a commercial sex worker

Trisha who is doing well these days was presented a story which demanded her to act like a commercial sex worker in a Telugu film. She was offered a very good sum for doing this role. Unfortunately the actress has declined to act in such a film. She has got her own set of reasons. She expressed to the media that doing such roles is not an easy task and it requires great character to do this film. At the moment she feels she is not geared to do such challenging roles.
Tamil Actress Trisha Krishnan
Actress Trisha also feels that it requires a lot of maturity to do such roles and if she does such roles it should be remembered by her fans for ever. She says all the other actresses should be scared to see that movie and her acting skills. Wow, Trisha has a good point of view. She wants to act in such roles where no other actress has performed before.
Tamil Actress Trisha Krishnan
Trisha at the moment is not bold enough to perform in such roles and feels that she will choose to act in such roles later when she is really ready for that and when the role or the character is good enough to make the other actresses scared.
Tamil Actress Trisha Krishnan
The film where this actress has acted with Kamal is “Manmadhan Ambu is all geared for a release on the 17th of this month. She also says that she was extremely scared to act with the senior actor kamal as it was her very first film with him. She also felt the same way when she was acting in her debut movie.
Tamil Actress Trisha Krishnan
Actress Trisha is eagerly awaiting the release of this film as she is expecting the fans reactions for this movie. She has no problem in the rumors that spread as she feels those rumors really contribute a great deal in the career growth of the heroine. She says she does not care for the rumors and feels that other actors and actresses of this film fraternity should also be not scared of the rumors. She says that there are some actresses who get their own share of publicity by spreading the rumors about themselves. Trisha confesses that she is not that kind of person. Well, Trisha we are really proud of you!
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