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New Fastest Train in China CRH380A

New Fastest Train in China CRH380A - A Chinese passenger train broke the world fastest train record after speed of more than 300 miles per hour. Speed record was set for trial on a path that has not been opened between Beijing and Shanghai, according to Xinhua News Agency.

This super fast train Achieve 302 miles per hour (486 kilometers per hour) train was the fastest speed recorded by a conventional commercial trains without modification. He reached a top speed on a segment of the path along the 1318 kilometers (824 miles) between the City of Zaozhuang in Shandong Province and Bengbu City in Anhui province, Xinhua said.

New world record was achieved during testing for the train called CRH380A, only a few months after the same model train broke the record after reaching a top speed of 416.6 kilometers per hour. However, despite recording two records since September, the Chinese railway officials said they wanted to reach speeds of more than 312mph (500kpm)

The new line will be opened in 2012 and will make the travel time between the capital city of Beijing and Shanghai to live half the current travel time to five hours.

This project cost $ 32.5 billion and is part of a massive government effort to link many Chinese cities with high-speed rail and also reduces the density of population in the path that is widely used. However, although the speed was impressive, the other train was faster!!

A French TGV train specially modified to reach 357.2 mph (574.8 kph) during a test 2007, while the Japanese magnetic train speeding 361 mph (581 kph) in 2003. Well here's more picture of this CRH380A the fastest train in china.

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