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Health Benefits of Drinking Milk

Milk is natures perfect food with amazing health benefits. It suits all age groups as an ideal supplement. It's a balanced diet and contains all the necessary nutrition. It's a rich source of good quality protein, and it contains calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, riboflavin and many essential amino acids. There is no substitute for milk when it comes to bone-building, muscle-building and fat loss. 10-15-20-25 health benefits of drinking milk

Health Benefits of Milk:-
  1. Milk is the best source of calcium supply to our body.
  2. It is a good source of energy as it has milk sugar lactose.
  3. The calcium present in milk prevents migraine and eases pre-menstrual syndrome.
  4. According to medical research, drinking milk considerably improves our intakes of vital minerals and vitamins.
  5. The phosphorus and calcium present in milk plays an excellent role in protecting the teeth and maintaining their health. It protects the teeth's enamel surface from acidic substances as it contains casein which forms a protective film over the enamel surface of the teeth.
  6. Milk boiled with 5-6 long peppers check catarrh, asthma, cough, allergies and also helps increase lung stamina
  7. Milk, being rich in calcium and potassium, prevents the formation of kidney stones in the body.
  8. The recent study has also found that drinking milk can also enhance the kidney functions for all adults.
  9. One can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases if milk is consumed everyday.
  10. An increasing number of studies suggest that consuming of milk & milk products each day, along with five portions of fruit and vegetables as part of a low salt diet can reduce high blood pressure in both adults and children.
  11. Consumption of milk & milk products can also help in reducing acidity. sipping cold milk in small amounts provides almost instant relief from acidity and peptic ulcers.
  12. Apply the milk cream on your skin to make skin smooth and soft. Milk cream will nourish the skin with essential nutrients and will protect and hydrate the dry skin.
  13. Milk contains calcium and magnesium which are helpful in controlling the blood sugar level. It also has low glycemic index which in turn is helpful for reducing the blood sugar.
  14. A recent study of more than 37,000 middle aged women found that those with the highest intakes of milk and milk products had a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes.
  15. Calcium, potassium, vitamins and proteins provided by milk ensure a healthy and proper development of the bones. The bones become stronger thus reducing chances of fractures or any bone diseases.
  16. Milk can prove extremely helpful in fighting against gout, which is a common type of arthritis.
  17. Milk can help you to ease constipation if ISABGOL is added to warm milk.
  18. Milk has some anti-inflammatory properties that may help alleviate the suffering of people with digestive inflammatory diseases. It is thought that the protein, vitamin D, magnesium and calcium content gives milk these additional health benefits.
  19. Milk is more beneficial and effective for recovery after an intense workout than even sports drinks.
  20. Some new research with weight lifters has shown that milk helps them build more muscle and at the same time actually lose fat.
  21. Risks of colon cancer or breast cancer can be brought down considerably with regular milk consumption. It contains (CLA) Conjugated Linoletic Acid, help in immunizing the body from colon and breast cancer.
  22. Encouraging children and youngsters to drink milk would give them excellent dental health, as milk protects the enamel surface against acidic substances.
  23. A glass of milk before you sleep supplies your muscles with protein all through the night, for repair and growth activity.
  24. Buffalo milk helps in gaining physical strength. It is used in traditional medicines to increase libido and treat insomnia.
  25. Goat milk may not taste very good but is very gentle to stomach and helps in boosting natural immunity of body.
  26. Camel milk has a great role in treating impotency in men. Since the camel thrives on bushes and greens the milk obtained is organic. Camel milk is also helpful in improving physical strength and mental alertness. It is easy to digest and is good for elderly people who have trouble digesting other form of dairy products. Also published at Hubpages
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