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Bamboo Keyboards and Mouse

Bamboo Keyboards and Mouse - for those who were concern about their environment maybe this gadget could be a right choice since this material couldn't end up as a waste, So what's the main specification of this bamboo keyboards? I think this kind of keyboards and mouse should be one of the best computer keyboards.

Modern gadgets or accessories may help you perform your work efficiently and briskly, but they too end up in huge piles of electronic waste, causing environmental hazards all across the globe. If you are concerned about your surroundings, here is a “Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse Combo” that apart from improving your productivity at work helps in reducing electronic waste as well. Moreover, the sustainable computer accessories look as trendy as any other gadget available on the market. Featuring laser engraved bamboo keys to absorb sweat, the bamboo keyboard also includes four shortcut keys to allow easy access to internet, e-mail, mute and calculator.

The sustainable keyboard and mouse, measuring 460×161x22 mm and 108×55x35mm (LWH) respectively, are compatible with Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/NT/Vista /Win7 and so on. The new accessories are easy to use, for they don’t require any driver installation and just needs to be connected to the USB ports of your PC, laptop or Mac to start your work. Priced at $33.44, the Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse are made in natural bamboo (100%) to leave minimum rather no waste behind them.

So will you replace your old computer keyboards and mouse into this recycling material? here's the Bamboo keyboards and mouse the Eco Friendly Gadgets material.

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