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Worlds Largest T-shirt Guinness Record set by Qatar Petroleum Company

Qatar Petroleum Company (Qapco) yesterday unveiled the world’s largest t-shirt, entering the Guinness Book of World Records.

The event was the latest show of support for the Qatar 2022 World Cup Bid ahead of FIFA’s announcement of the host nations for 2018 and 2022 on December 2.

The t-shirt was shown at Aspire Zone, and the event was attended by Qapco officials, Qatar 2022 bid officials as well as members of the public and a judge from the Guinness Book of World Records.

The previous world’s largest t-shirt was verified by Guinness World Records in September of this year in South Africa.

The 2,782 sq m shirt which is housed in an airport in Johannesburg occupies the same area as 10 tennis courts and is big enough for some 16,692 people to stand upon.

The area of Qapco’s t-shirt is 3,516.25 sq m and is made of cotton.

Qapco board director and general manager, Mohamed Yousef al-Mulla expressed his pride at the achievement and highlighted the importance of supporting the Qatar 2022 bid.

“This will be an opportunity to the rest of the world to get a better understanding, not just of Qatar, but the whole region, its people and its culture,” he said of the bid.

Al-Mulla explained that Qapco wanted to find a way to support the bid and the community, and had decided that this world record attempt would be the ideal way to do so.

He explained that the six-tonne t-shirt had been produced in China before being transported to Doha and its location at Aspire Zone.

The t-shirt was kept at Aspire yesterday, but will be housed at the Museum of Islamic Art in the future, said al-Mulla.

Gareth Deaves from Guinness World Records explained that the t-shirt had been verified as being a real t-shirt before it was officially measured.

“I’m happy to announce that we have a new world record measuring 72.2m by 48.7m,” said Deaves adding “congratulations to Qapco and congratulations to Qatar.”

Director of communications for the 2022 bid, Nasser al-Khater thanked Qapco for their efforts in supporting the bid, and praised the whole country for getting involved with Qatar’s efforts to host the World Cup.

“With just 10 days until the announcement we are feeling the pressure and the excitement,” he said, adding “I hope that next time I speak to you we will be the winners of the race.”

VIPs and officials signed the t-shirt last night after al-Mulla was presented with a certificate by Deaves.

The evening was a celebration of the bid and the impact it has had on corporate organisations getting involved with the project.

And the buzz around the world’s largest t-shirt was all about December 2 and whether the day will bring good news to Qatar.
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