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Two-legged miracle pig

Two-legged miracle pig

A 10-month-old pig, weighing more than 100 kilograms, totters along unaided on its only two trotters recently in Xincai county, Henan Province.

Wang Xihai, the pig's owner said his wife wanted to let the piglet die when she saw it was born with only two legs, but he persuaded her to let it live. "She thought it was disturbing, but I stopped her, considering that it was a life anyway."

Wang then taught the pig to balance and walk on its legs by lifting it by its tail and guiding and balancing it.

He's refused large financial offers from circuses to buy it since news of "strong pig" spread.

"The pig proved it has a strong will to live and I won't sell him no matter how much money is offered," Wang said.

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