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Top 10 curious scenic spots around the world

1. Cawsand, mad hatter's tea party

This house, gardens and surrounding grassland have already become a wonderland since Tim Burton and his actors started to shoot the movie here. You may visit Alice's bedroom, cross the giant garden and join the mad hatter's tea party on the weekend.

2. Nasca Lines, Peru

Those strange lines were embedded into the ground during the years from 500 B.C. to 500 A.D.. The images of these lines are birds, animals, strange "astronaut" and so on. It is said that passengers on a plane which is passing this region would feel faint because of astronomic reasons, but no one is sure about that.

3. Kilauea volcano, Hawaii

Kilauea volcano is the most active volcano in the world. If you want to visit it, you may enter the volcano national park or just take a plane and watch it in the air.

4. Wieliczka, Krakow Salt Mine, Poland

Entering Krakow Salt Mine Museum and surrounding by strange salt sculptures, it will be like entering a underground lakes region for visitors.

5. Jellyfish Lake, Palau

Jellyfishes in the lake had already lost their abilities of piercing due to lack of aggressors, and visitors could swim with them casually in the lake and enjoy the sunshine.

6. Bryce Canyon, Utah, U.S.

With various color stocks in different shapes, the little national park of Bryce Canyon is the best place for hiking

7. Namaqualand, desert myth, South Africa

Go to Namaqualand between August and October, you will witness the amazing myth of desert becomes garden because of the weather and rain at that season.

8. Ape Cave Home, Turkey

Those caves not only are special scenic spots, but also offer opportunities for visitors to live in these caves. Some local hotels are built with volcano ash and very luxurious.

9. Moon Valley, Atacama Desert, Chile

This piece of land at the foreland of Andes is full of natural phenomena, such as the crystal salina and steam-only geysers.

10. Stone forest, Yunan, China

The stone forest is located near Kunming. It is not only a labyrinth formed by onefold karst landform, but decorated with green trees.
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