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Wifes From Different Parts Of India – How Are they Sexually?

 The intention of this post isn’t to hurt anyone’s sentiments or cause offence. If anybody does feel so after reading this post though, my apologies in advance.
Without revealing too much about myself, let me just say that, I’ve been in quite a few relationships with women from different states of this multi-cultural country of ours and have friends, of all castes and from different states, who’ve been in relationships, married, divorced, etc. And this post is a culmination of all the knowledge that each one of has culled from all our relationships with the many women of India!
So here are the traits of having a wife from every part of India:
A Tamilian wife:
A Tamilian woman is likely to be built like the sculptures of the goddesses in our temples. She will be voluptuous, with a fleshy stomach where the navel is so deep you could fuck it! She has thighs like architectural columns, which when she wraps around your back as you make love to her, you feel the soft cushion of. Breasts are relatively large compared to the rest of India, but they still can’t match their sisters from Kerala (we’ll get to them later). A Tamilian wife will be very loyal and devoted to her husband. Fidelity is a guarantee. The downside is, despite being blessed with such a fuckable body, she will not be experimental at sex, and will never initiate it. Over the years, her eagerness to have sex decreases all the more. But while it lasts, you really feel you’re making love to a goddess.
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